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The world's leading science-based modern film acting method

Welcome to Communication Method for Actors, LLC (CMFA)! I am Faith Hibbs-Clark, the creator of the Acting Science Method™. My journey, spanning over 25 years as a casting director for film and television and my expertise as a deception detection body language analyst, has culminated in the creation of a groundbreaking method for film acting. This method harmoniously weaves together elements of neuroscience, behavioral science, psychology, and the nuanced art of communication, offering you a profoundly modern approach to film acting.

The Acting Science Method™ is all about empowering you to book more auditions and enhance your performances on-screen using easy-to-use, scientifically-based formulas that take away the guesswork and let creativity flourish.

Focusing more on how you are perceived on-camera, you can wave goodbye to psychologically damaging memory recall and burdensome backstory. Using this science-based method, you will learn to use "body language coding" and other brain hacks to break threw to that zone of consciousness that unleashes a captivating character and believable performance.

At CMFA, we are ushering in an unparalleled method. We extend an invitation for you to join our community and observe a remarkable shift in your bookings. Together, let us reshape the landscape of acting, with science at the helm!

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