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Actors are you ready to level up your careers?

I want to show you how to book more film and television auditions!

End the frustration of not landing the roles you want.

Stop wasting time and money on acting classes that don't  work.

Get the tools you need to succeed as an actor.

What's waiting for you inside the

The Power of Memorization Science

You're a better memorizer than you think! Do you often get stressed about memorizing your lines, or are you taking a bit too long to memorize your lines?

In this module you will learn the amazing science behind memorizing so that you can never miss a line again. You will also see an overview of techniques for making your memorization process more efficient.

In the next 8 weeks, you could

The right acting technique can make all the difference!

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Meet your mentor

For the past 20 years, I directed my attention towards specializing as a casting director & producer for film & television where I realized the unique capacity and potential of my communication method for helping actors, from those just beginning their careers, to well-known established stars.

The same winning principles that I had used to consult trial attorneys to help them to exonerate their clients in a court of law; the same advice I would use for politicians in their pursuit of a winning campaign: and the same same advice I gave corporate moguls to get the upper hand in their business deals; all worked out well to help the actors real their career goals.

Instead of making the audition process more allusive, my method is surprisingly more logical and can be mastered. Having taught these tenets to actors for more than 20 years around the world with great success and rave reviews, the COMMUNICATION METHOD FOR ACTORS was born.

Ready to get your acting superpower?

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