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Good to Know Before You Go

CMFA Film Acting Masters Retreat (France) 2021 Retreat


Thing to know before you go


  1. Foreign currency is Euros. I recommend that you should bring a minimum of 200 euros. I recommend you order this at least a week in advance to avoid high exchange rates and ATM fees overseas. 

  2. Bring a credit card with no foreign transaction charges. This area in France does not often accept American Express or Discover Cards.  Bring Visa/Mastercard. 

  3. A filtered water bottle. The water is so clean and pure in this area that water bottles are not that common. Bring a filtered water bottle so you can stay hydrated at all times. This is the one I use and you can get it on Amazon. 

  4. An adapter because your American plugs will not work without it. Make sure the “plug in” things you bring are “dual voltage.” Most computers and phones are but hair dryers and curling irons often are not so be aware so you don’t burn out your item or create a fire hazard. This is the one I showed you on the zoom session. You can get this on Amazon too. 

  5. An outfit for the White Garden Dinner. It doesn’t have to be formal. Casual is fine. 

  6. Be sure you know what to expect from your phone company about your cell phone and how it treats international calls and data.  You don’t want to come home to an unexpected high phone bill. 

  7. Dialing calls in France can be tricky. I recommend ready this article and even printing out and keeping it handy. If you need to call a French number, you want to make sure you know how to do it.

  8. Make sure you take a photo of your passport, ID, and credit cards and keep them in your phone along with other emergency information. When I travel, I also share this info with a trusted friend or family member. 

  9. Start taking vitamin C and drinking lots of water to make sure you stay healthy. 

Plan what you are going to pack. Bring a swimsuit if you plan to swim in the pool or at the beach, bring comfortable walking shoes too.  You will want to bring short-sleeved and long-sleeved options.  It is still warm in France but at night it gets cooler and could rain.  Bring a jacket and a small umbrella.  

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