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2023 In-person Events

  • Actors Pro Expo London & Global
    Sat, Feb 11
    Actors Pro Expo Global is a trade show to help creatives develop and sustain their careers and to create new opportunities for themselves. Attendees can meet exhibitors from a wide range of services to help develop their careers. Plus special industry expert speakers. Event in-person & online.
  • Phoenix Film Festival
    Sun, Apr 02
    Phoenix Film Festival is a festival that celebrates feature films and their creators from around the world. This year, I will be a featured workshop speaker at the event. Join me for a 1 hour interactive introduction to the Transformative Power of Acting Science.
  • CMFA Film Acting Retreat in France
    Mon, Sep 11
    Join me for 9 days in the beautiful south of France in your very own private castle. Immerse yourself in the acting science method and join other acting science students from around the world for the ultimate film acting learning experience and the adventure of a lifetime.
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