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Acting is a lie: Know the truth!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

All acting is communication and what you are communicating is a lie. I call this type of lie the "entertainment lie."

Want to book more acting jobs?

The secret is in the LIE!

Rather than learning to act, learn how to lie in the most believable way possible.

Hello, my name is Faith Hibbs-Clark, and I am the Founder of The Communication Method for Actors, the only science-based film acting method of its kind in the world. I spent more than 20 years in the film and television industry as a casting director, working with producers, directors, and actors. I have seen this industry from every angle.

I am going to tell you a story. Before working in the entertainment industry, I was a deception detection expert. This means that I could read body language to see if someone was likely lying.

One day, I had a politician schedule a consultation with me. He had recently received negative feedback on a speech he had given and wanted me to coach him.

"I don't know why they didn't buy in," he said, "It was like they didn't believe me."

So, I asked him if what he was saying was entirely accurate? He went on to explain at length how it was "basically" true and how he didn't want to get into the full story at this juncture in his political career.

I felt like it was the easiest money I had ever made because I was charging by the hour, but the answer was simple. You will be believed when you tell the truth; your body will give you away when you don't.

Often, the people being lied to can't verbalize or put their finger on what it is that didn't add up in their minds. They will say they didn't get a good feeling about the person. People can sense body language even if they don't consciously recognize it.

That was not what the politician wanted to hear.

Body language reveals the truth about someone because the brain will send messages to the body to show what you are feeling. When you are "acting," that doesn't happen because it isn't really how you feel, it's just a script and fictional character that is not you.

When what someone says is "incongruent" with what their body language says, they will be perceived as dishonest.

As an actor, you want to feel like you are the character and be perceived as authentic and genuine in that portrayal. But how do you do this when what you are communicating is a lie?

Fortunately, there is a way! With a background in neuroscience and through years of research, I discovered a way to rewire your brain using "acting science" principles to trick your brain into believing the entertainment lie. You will feel and be perceived as more authentic. Best of all, these secrets are easy, and you can start putting them to work in your performances right away!

What is acting science?

The Communication Method for Actors uses scientific principles to enhance an actor's work. It is an outside-in approach that focuses more on how the actor is perceived than how the actor feels.

Unlike other acting methods, CMFA is less concerned with deep character immersion, back story, or drugging up old memories that are not sustainable and might not translate on screen.

The emphasis is on how the actor is perceived. Therefore, actors are encouraged to encode and reverse engineer their performances with body language and other neuroscience brain principles that will help evoke feelings in the receiver's mind.

For me, this is the very best way to book more roles...

Learn what it really means to be authentic and believable!

Faith is a body language expert who specialized in deception detection before becoming a casting director and working in the film industry for over 25 years. She is the founder of the Communication Method for Actors, LLC & the creator of the Acting Science Method ™. 

I would like to show you how to improve your audition booking ratio. I have others to do it and I can teach you too.

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