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Impress Industry Leaders in Less than 1-minute!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Imagine that you are in an elevator with Steven Spielberg, and he turns to you and says, "So, what do you do?" What would your response be?

What is an ACTOR ELEVATOR PITCH, and how can it help your acting career?

An elevator pitch is a quick synopsis of your background and experience. The reason it's called an actor elevator pitch is because it should be short enough to present during a brief elevator ride.

I want you to write down or say out loud the first thing that comes to mind.

Go ahead, do it now; I will wait…

Because you are an actor, I will ask that you stand up and IMAGINE this experience and then record what you say.

I don't care how bad your answer sounds because this is a judgment-free zone!

Now…let's get in the elevator together and practice. GOING UP!!!!

Download the CMFA checklist below to help get you on track!

I am so glad that I have you thinking about your Actor Elevator Pitch. Even if you have one good Elevator Pitch, I want you to write another one and learn how to adapt it to different people.

Here are some ACTOR ACTION steps you can take today!

2) Purchase your copy of the Actors Elevator Pitch Video Mini-Lesson! (including examples)


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