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Why You Shouldn't Set Goals Today!

Updated: Jan 10

By Faith Hibbs-Clark, CMFA Founder

You’ve probably been told that to be productive: you should set goals. Big goals. S.M.A.R.T. goals. Stretch goals. All these fancy goal-setting ideas are just that … ideas. They all have one important thing in common -- to cause you to fail at reaching your goals.

What is it? It’s science!

Most goal-setting programs set you up for failure. Work with your brain, not against it. 🧠 If you don’t understand the science of your brain, then setting goals is just something fun to do while drinking champagne with your friends on New Year's. Without science, you are setting yourself up for failure. 

The thinking behind these other goal-setting programs is that to achieve anything meaningful, you need to turn it into a goal.

Well… maybe.

While goals can be really helpful, they aren’t always ideal.

Goals have one big problem: they have a termination point.

In other words, you’re not successful until you’ve actually reached your goal, and until this happens, you might feel like:

  • You’re spinning your wheels, not going anywhere.

  • You’re a failure.

  • You haven’t achieved anything since the goal seems so distant.

Measuring success this way can make you feel defeated, especially if you have big, ambitious goals.

For example, if you want to be an academy award-winning actor, nothing you do until you reach that goal will make you feel like you’re enough. You may make incredible strides in your acting career, but they will fall flat compared to your hard-to-achieve goal.

Since a goal has an “end," you will never feel like a success until you’ve actually achieved it. And even when you achieve your goal, you simply have to start all over again with the next one.

And the reality is you might not even know what the “next” goal should be. I mean, what’s next after an Academy Award? Does that become your new bar?

So, you feel aimless. You know you should be seeking to accomplish something, but you’re not sure what that something should be.

Even worse, you might feel like since you have already accomplished your goal, you can go back to your old habits instead of pushing and growing. You could lose all the forward progress that you made.

It’s a setup to make you feel like a consistent failure. Our society and culture thrive on it because feeling small keeps many other people rich and in power.

In this seminar and program, I will give you a goal-setting system that will work with your brain and not against it. I am going to help REWIRE your brain for true actor success!
 You guessed it... using SCIENCE!

Are you with me?

© Copyrighted 2021 Communication Method for Actors, LLC

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