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"Acting Science!"

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The world's leading Science-based Film Acting Method

The Communication Method for Actors (CMFA), "acting science," is a unique acting method created by Faith Hibbs-Clark, casting director of 20+ years and former deception detection body language expert.  The CMFA method utilizes the science of psychology and the art of communication to help actors create science-based formulas to empower their performances and reach their optimum outcomes to book more roles, standout to directors on set, and receive more recognition in their careers.  It is an outside-in approach that focuses more on how the actor is perceived than how the actor feels. Unlike other acting methods, this method is less concerned with deep character immersion and back story, which might not translate on screen, but rather on how the actor is perceived.  Therefore, actors are encouraged to encode and reverse engineer their performances with body language and other neuroscience brain hacks that will help to evoke feelings in the mind of the receiver.

How my story began

Faith Hibbs-Clark, Founder (CMFA)

I was born in the countryside of England and always seemed to be an old soul with a keen ability to read people, and some even thought that I might have psychic powers. As I got older,  I realized the ability I possessed was not mystical as much as -- scientific!  An ancient phenomenon that is deeply rooted in all of us, the ability to read body language, something our ancestors depended on for survival. 

As an adult, I honed my natural skills by studying behavioral psychology and communication at Arizona State University where I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Justice Studies with an emphasis field in communications.  I became an award winning orator and even paid my way through college competing in academic debates and forensic competitions.  

After graduation, I became even more fascinated with neuroscience and how the brain can affect our communications in the workforce.  I started applying this knowledge while working as a private communications consultant and word quickly spread of my abilities making me known within an elite inner circle of professionals as a leading deception detection expert.  I was working with trial attorneys, business executives, and politicians, all of whom needed my bizarrely accurate sense of discernment.  

For the past 20 years, I directed my attention towards specializing as a casting director & producer for film & television where I realized the unique capacity and potential of my communication method for helping actors, from those just beginning their careers, to well known and established stars. 


The same winning principles that I had used to consult trial attorneys to help them to exonerate their clients in a court of law; the same advice I would use for politicians in their pursuit of a winning campaign; and the same advice I gave corporate moguls to get the upper hand in business deals; all worked well to help the actor reach their career goals.  Instead of making the audition process more allusive, my method is surprisingly logical and can be mastered.  Having taught these tenets to actors for more than 20 years around the world with great success and rave reviews, the COMMUNICATION METHOD FOR ACTORS was born.

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