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The Science of Results-Driven Training!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

By Faith Hibbs-Clark

It might surprise you to learn that science debunks the myth of anyone being naturally gifted.

Take, for example, Mozart. We generally regard him as a child musical prodigy because he was known to have perfect pitch – the ability to accurately name a musical note upon hearing it in isolation. Everyone assumed he was born with that skill and therefore was a child prodigy.

Now, I am going to reveal the truth about Mozart.

By today’s standards, Mozart would barely be noticed. Scientists now know that almost any child can learn perfect pitch if introduced to it between the ages of 3 and 5 years old and who have a strict regiment of training.

Now before we hang old Mozart out to dry, let me give you the truth of his success because you can use that secret yourself.

The truth is, Mozart was the son of a very accomplished musician and his dad had Mozart playing instruments before he was able to walk. His father had him on a strict regiment of intentional training that was results-driven.

Mozart wasn’t born great. He became great!

Science reveals that nobody is born with an innate ability to perform at an expert level, in any field. All exceptional performance has come from INTENTION DRIVEN PRACTICE.

Practicing with intention is not about the number of hours that you train but rather the quality of the training experience.

Remember what I taught you? The human brain is a series of neural pathways that form patterns that represent your experiences in life. Since we tend to follow the “path of least resistance” in our behaviors and follow the patterns of things we have done before and already know, it is important in your continued acting work that you reinforce patterns that get results. Patterns that cause us to excel.

The problem is that WE TEND TO REPEAT MISTAKES which makes bad habits hard to break.

That is why I always say, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, but perfect practice does.”

Again, It is not how many hours you train, but the quality of the training. But, don't just take my word for it.

Dr. Anders Ericsson, a leading expert in the science of expertise, explains that these things are most likely will determine excellence.

1. A desire to want to train

2. A teacher who is themselves excellent

3. Immediate & precise feedback for immediate correction

4. The ability to visualize what perfection looks like

5. The ability to leave your comfort zone.

The acting science that I teach as a part of my Communication Method for Actors program is not for everyone, because it is not easy. It is grounded, practical, and results-driven.

Ready to make results muscle memory?

Faith is a body language expert who specialized in deception detection before becoming a casting director and working in the film industry for over 25 years. She is the founder of the Communication Method for Actors, LLC & the creator of the Acting Science Method ™. 

I would like to show you how to improve your audition booking ratio. I have others to do it and I can teach you too.

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©Written by: Faith Hibbs-Clark, CMFA Founder, Casting Director 20+ years

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