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4 Things That Make a Character Scary

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

At some point in your acting career, you are going to play a role that is nothing at all like you. Or at least you don't think it is. If you are like a lot of actors, then you need to learn how to create and master these types of unique roles.

However, if you’ve never tried creating a scary character before, then it may seem overwhelming. And if you have ever tried to find the dark side of the character you are portraying, then you already know that it’s not something you want to do through trial and error.

That’s why I’ve developed this handy-dandy little mini-lesson for creating scary characters.

Just in time for Halloween!

So let’s get started…

#1: The scary character doesn't know they are bad.

Part of what makes these characters scary is that they don't know they are bad. In their mind, there is nothing wrong with them. You, as the actor, have to play this character as if it is perfectly normal to be this way.

#2 The scary character defies social norms.

These characters don't do things the way most people do them. Their "deviation from normalcy" is what makes others uncomfortable around them. If others are happy, they probably are not. If others are not happy, they probably are happy. They are just always on the fringe of society.

#3 The scary character has a fatal flaw.

These characters would get by in the world somewhat undisturbed were it not for one thing that becomes their downfall. They can blend in well enought until a need or a desire drives them to give themselves away. This is when their true character is revealed.

#4 The scary character has body language that reveals their truth.

Maybe it is the way they hold their spinal posture or a tiny thing they do with their finger that makes others feel uncomfortable without even knowing why. Perhaps this scary character makes direct eye contact to the point of an uncomfortable stare or maybe they avoid eye contact all together. This body language communicates something disturbing that other around them can't quite articulate.

If you’re like a lot of actors, then you need to have a process to develop The scary character or you need to try it out for yourself in a workshop environment first. Now you can!

You can skip the long learning curve, skip the trial and error and hopefully skip over all the frustrating mistakes that most beginning actors make when they try to create a scary character that has lots of complexity.

Join me for this 1-night LIVE on ZOOM workshop!

October 13th, 2022

1-night workshop, 2.5 hours Thursday, 6-8:30 PM MDT

$75 early / $99

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I’m so excited about this class. I truly can’t wait as I dream of being the best villain. 🧟‍♀️🧛‍♂️👻


Alexander Kovacs
Alexander Kovacs
Oct 11, 2022

I’m not available that day 😔

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